Making My Car Shine

Making My Car Shine

How An Auto Body Shop Can Help After A Car Is Damaged In A Collision

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Has your car been automatically drifting to the side and suffered body damage after you were in a collision? You might want to take your vehicle to an auto body shop so repairs can be made, as leaving some of the parts damaged can put your safety at risk. Take a look at the article below to discover what kind of repairs can be done when your vehicle is taken to an auto body shop. Preparation of the Body for Painting One of the things that will be done to prepare the body of your car for painting is the removal of dents from the collision. If there are any dents that are too large to successfully be removed, the affected parts can be replaced. After there are no dents in the body, your car will be primed to create a clean area. The body will be painted in the color of your choice after it has been primed. A sealant or wax can also be applied to the body after it has been painted if you want to make the paint job more durable. Repairing Damage to Windows When auto body work is done to your car, it is important for window damage to be repaired. You must understand that the windows are a part of the structural integrity of your car body, especially the windshield. Basically, the windshield provides enough support to roof in a rollover collision to possibly prevent it from caving in on you and your passengers. Even if there is only a small crack in the windshield, it can compromise the integrity of the roof.  All of the damaged windows will either be repaired or replaced at the auto body shop, depending on the severity and location of the damage. Realignment of the Wheels When a car drifts to the side after a collision, it is likely due to the wheels being out of alignment. The wheels on your car will be thoroughly examined at the auto body shop to determine if all of the wheels are in need of being aligned. The tires will be inspected for bald spots and tread loss, as it can give a good idea of what kind of alignment is needed. For instance, damage to the set of front tires and none to the back tires mean that your car likely needs a front-end wheel alignment. Take your vehicle to an auto body shop for repairs as soon as possible. For auto body repair, contact a company such as Aldrich Auto Body & Repair,...

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3 Ways Regular Auto Maintenance Can Reduce Your Chances of Needing Collision Repair

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Being involved in an accident that leaves your car in need of collision repair can be costly. If you are hoping to limit your collision repair costs to paint touch-ups or minor dent repairs during the next year, it can be beneficial to invest in regular vehicle maintenance. Here are three ways that maintaining your car can help you reduce your chances of being involved in a collision in the future. 1. Replacing burned-out blinker bulbs can help other drivers avoid hitting your vehicle. Being able to anticipate the move a fellow driver will make can be beneficial when it comes to reducing the number of collisions that occur on the nation’s roadways each day. Blinkers play an essential role in identifying your intentions to the drivers around you. If you fail to replace a blinker bulb that has burned out, you could increase the risk of being hit by another driver. Replacement bulbs can be purchased from your local auto parts store and will help you prevent the need for major collision repairs in the future. 2. Replacing worn windshield wipers can increase your visibility in adverse weather. Sometimes a crash occurs because you are unable to see a stopped vehicle in time to stop your own car’s forward momentum. With visibility playing such an important role in accident prevention, having a good set of windshield wipers installed on your car at all times is a must. On average, windshield wiper blades should be replaced every six months to one year, but if you begin to notice a decline in your visibility during adverse weather then you may need to invest in new windshield wipers sooner. Doing something as simple as keeping fresh windshield wiper blades on your vehicle at all times can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on major collision repairs each year. 3. Replace worn tires. Keeping fresh tires on your vehicle is essential when it comes to safe driving. Worn tires can be a contributing factor when it comes to auto accidents. Researchers found that 5% of all the vehicles included in their study experienced tire problems prior to crashing. When you notice the tread beginning to thin on your car’s tires, replacing them could help you avoid a serious accident that will lead to extensive collision repairs in the future. When you take the time to carefully maintain your vehicle, you can avoid the types of accidents that require major collision repair. This frees you up to spend money on minor collision repairs like paint touch-ups and dent removal without breaking the bank. If you do need to get your car repaired, though, contact a service like Lombard Body & Fender...

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Aluminum Auto Body Repairs

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A growing trend in auto body technology is manufacturing components out of aluminum rather than steel. As car makers try to build vehicles that are simultaneously lighter and safer, they are adding more aluminum or aluminum-coated exterior components such as hoods and doors. It’s not a new concept, but using aluminum for these large parts has traditionally been too expensive for anything but luxury vehicles. However, with improvements in recycling technology it’s become more feasible for cars and trucks on the mass market. With two major car manufacturers producing vehicles with aluminum skins and body panels, it’s likely that one of your future vehicles will have aluminum body parts as well. While this makes vehicles safer and provides better gas mileage, it presents more challenges for auto body repair. There are significant differences between aluminum and steel and therefore different repair techniques. If you are considering buying a vehicle with aluminum body panels, here is what you need to know about repairs. Aluminum can still “rust”. While aluminum itself does not contain iron, it won’t oxidize and rust. However, parts can still rust when they come into contact with steel dust. These dust particles adhere to the aluminum and oxidize, corroding the aluminum and making paint bubble and peel. Metal tools that have been used on steel will transfer dust to aluminum and damage it instantly. Unless you have two separate sets of tools, you’ll need to take your vehicle to a body shop rather than attempt repairs yourself. You’ll need to find an aluminum-compliant body shop. Body shops that are certified as aluminum-compliant have the equipment, rules and policies in place to do these repairs successfully. To prevent damage to vehicles, they have separate areas for working on aluminum and steel. One reason is to keep the steel dust from coming into contact with aluminum. The other reason is that aluminum dust is flammable and dangerous to breathe. Compliant shops have dust extraction systems to prevent explosions and dust fires. They also have welders that operate at lower temperatures than those for steel, which would melt or weaken aluminum. Aluminum repairs cost more. Repair shops have to invest in lots of new tools and equipment to work on aluminum cars. Technicians also have to be trained and certified in repair techniques, which raises labor costs. Since aluminum is not as malleable as steel, many parts have to be replaced rather than straightened. Corrosion often has to be sandblasted rather than ground off with a metal wheel, and repairing aluminum can simply take longer because of these additional steps. But don’t let these factors dissuade you from buying a vehicle with an aluminum body or skin. The cost savings from these lighter vehicles will probably outweigh the cost of body work over the life of the car. Even though steel is still the dominant auto body material, many auto body repair services are becoming aluminum-compliant so they can serve this growing market. As manufactures continue to improve and aluminum becomes more commonplace, repairing these auto bodies will become more mainstream and affordable. Ask your dealer for recommendations for shops that are qualified to do body work on their vehicles. Most dealers don’t do body work and will be happy to refer you to a shop that will work on...

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Auto Body Damage: Why Does It Matter?

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A few dents or lopsided objects on a car may not seem like a big deal. While many people care about the appearance of their car, some people would rather put their repair money into something else. To these people, appearance-marring damage points may seem like minor inconveniences, but there are consequences to leaving the damage alone. Before you ignore your collision-caused problems, consider a few consequences that could become more expensive. Dents and the Aerodynamic Problem Vehicles are designed to reduce as much air resistance or aerodynamic drag as possible while moving. The science and engineering behind reducing the amount of fuel needed to drive is applied in many places, but one of the most noticeable areas is the auto body. The auto body, or the shape and design of your car’s outer layer, is designed to route air around the vehicle with as little resistance as possible, but without lifting it into the air or letting it swerve from side to side from wind force. Even if the wind isn’t blowing, the speed of your car traveling down the road can lead to some heavy resistance, which can impact your car in strange ways. You can feel resistance, lift, and other behaviors in action by putting your hand outside of the car window while it’s moving—preferably while someone else is driving. As you move, open your hand so that the palm faces forward and feel how the air seems to push your hand back. Turning your hand so that your thumb or pinkie finger is facing forward reduces that feeling of resistance, but you may notice that your hand is lifted, pushed down, or otherwise diverted. When your car suffers auto body damage, you create unplanned diversions of air that can change the way you drive. At the least effect, your engine will need to work harder to maintain the same speed. With more drastic forms of damage, the vehicle may swerve from side to side or begin to pull off other attached parts. What’s the Cost? First, think about how your engine has to put forward more effort. To drive faster, you’ll need to step on the gas a bit harder. With more resistance, your vehicle has to spend more fuel as if it were moving faster just to achieve the same speed results. The cost may be small depending on the damage, but do you keep an eye on gas prices? If a few cents changing on the gas price signs can change your opinion about where to fill up, you should be just as concerned about your engine working harder. Dents, bent bumpers, and separated panels can eventually rip off. Even if it doesn’t look like a bad dent or tear now, you may have a much more drastic repair situation if the entire thing comes off on the highway. Hopefully it doesn’t hit anyone or startle a driver! Get to the issue before it gets bad and take the time to find a price that works for you. Contact a collision repair professional, like one from Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc, for a repair...

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Three Common Causes Of Foggy Headlights

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Have you noticed that your car’s headlights become duller with time? For example, they may become yellowish or give off diffused light that cannot illuminate the road properly. Well, yours aren’t the only headlamps going down that route. This happens because of different factors including these three: Oxidation The primary cause of the yellowing of the headlights is due to the oxidation of the polycarbonate lens. The oxidation is accelerated by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Therefore, it is the action of the sunlight and air (oxygen) that clouds the headlights. The best way to prevent this is to store your car away from the sun to reduce its exposure to UV rays. Since this may not always be possible, there are also protective coatings that may reduce the rate of oxidation. Just be careful with such products so as not to reduce your headlights’ illumination. A recommendation from a trusted mechanic is best. Water Vapor This happens when the headlights trap air with high moisture content.  If the outside air temperature falls and the headlamps also cool, then the moisture condenses on the insides of the lenses. The scattering reduces the glow or strength of the headlights, making them duller than they were before. Usually, this doesn’t cause serious problems because the headlights’ housings are vented. However, if the temperature drops too much, then the water vapor formed may not be vented out of the casings even when they are warmed. In such a case, removing the casing and drying it may solve the problem. While at it, also confirm that the vents aren’t clogged with debris. Dirt and Chemical Accumulation Your car spews off a lot of chemicals in the form of fluid leaks and exhaust gases. Then there are also chemicals from the tar on the road. These, together with random dirt particles, collect on different parts of your car’s body. When the debris accumulates on the headlights, it dims the lights due to the layer’s opaque nature. Of course, cleaning your headlights is the best way of clearing the debris and increasing your headlamps’ brightness. The measures outlined above help to keep the headlights bright, but they aren’t permanent solutions. Sooner or later your headlights will be too cloudy for safe driving; this is mostly due to oxidation. When that happens, take your car to a professional auto body mechanic so that he or she can sand it and coat it for more brightness. For more information, contact High Point Body & Paint or a similar...

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Auto Body Repairs You Can Get From An Auto Repair Shop

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One of the ways of ensuring your vehicle has a long life span is giving it regular care and maintenance. The best way of doing this would be addressing auto body repairs as they crop up rather than leaving them unchecked for a significant period of time. This only makes the problems worse and thus they take a bigger toll on your vehicle’s body. Here are some auto body repairs you can get from an auto repair shop. Paint job Getting a touch up on your vehicle’s paint job is something people will overlook until the car becomes unsightly. However, it is better to fix chips and cracks in your paint job before they spread and become a larger problem. One thing people do not realize is that the paint on your car also acts as a sealant. This means the vehicle’s metallic frame is protected from corrosion and rust. Even the smallest cracks in the paint will let in water and this could end up causing your car to rust over time. Eliminating this rust once it has spread will not only take longer than touching up your paint, but it will also cost more.  Bumper fixes Another of the areas that is commonly overlooked when it comes to bodywork is bumper fixes. The reason your bumper should be in good condition is not simply for aesthetic purposes. Instead, the bumper is what protects the car from excessive damage when involved in accident. When your bumper is not in optimal condition, you are at risk of extensive damage from a minor accident, which will result in costly repairs. If your bumper has acquired some dents, it is best to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to have these fixed. It will be much cheaper and quicker than having to deal with extensive repairs to both the bumper and the body of your vehicle. Windshield repairs There are numerous reasons why your windshield may acquire small damages ranging from debris from trees, pebbles and rocks that fly onto the windshield while driving and more. Although you may be tempted to leave small chips and cracks unattended, this is not advisable. Over time, the cracks may spread and you may require a complete replacement of the windshield, which will cost much more. Windshield repair can be done quickly and will typically cost less than having to replace the entire glass. For more information about auto repair, contact a professional like Central Body Co...

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3 Ways To Remove A Dent Yourself

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Do you have a small dent in one of your car panels? Would you like to remove it without further damaging your car or spending a fortune? You may be able to remove it yourself with just a few household items. Often, small dents can pop back into shape with a combination of heat and cold.  You can create that dramatic change in temperature with some items from around your house or with items readily found at your local hardware store. Here are a few ways that you can remove a dent at home yourself:     Dry ice  Dry ice is an effective tool to use it because it can quickly cool down the surface of the car. Before using the dry ice, though, you’ll need to heat up the surface. A good tool for that job is a hair dryer. You can use the hair dryer to quickly apply heat to the car. Just make sure you keep some distance between the hair dryer and the car’s panel so you don’t melt the paint. Once you’ve heated up the surface, rub the dry ice over the dent. Be sure to wear gloves while you do this so you don’t hurt your fingers. Keep alternating between the hair dryer’s hot air and the dry ice until the dent pops back into place. Compressed air  If you don’t have dry ice available, or if you’re not comfortable handling it, compressed air could also do the trick. Again, you’ll first need to heat the area with a hair dryer. Once the dent has been heated, spray the area with a can of compressed air. The high-powered blast of cold air will help help the dent expand and contract, eventually causing it to pop into place. Keep alternating the hair dryer and compressed air until you see results. A plunger  You can even use a simple plunger to get your dent into place. Again, it helps to heat the area first with a hair dryer, as that will cause the dent to expand and nudge it into position. Then place the plunger over the dent and simply push it back and forth just as you would with a clogged toilet. The pressure created by the plunger should help pull the dent back into position. Of course, this will only work if the dent is smaller than the plunger. You need the plunger to form a tight seal around the dent to create the air pressure necessary to do the job. If none of these options work, or if you’re not comfortable doing them yourself, visit a collision repair shop. They can quickly remove the dent and have your car looking perfect...

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Keys To Getting Your Car Fixed After A Wreck

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In order to get your vehicle fixed properly after a wreck, there are some key strategies that you will need to put in place to get the most of the process. This can be a time of uncertainty if you don’t assess the situation and put your best foot forward. After dealing with a car accident, employ the following three steps below to make sure that you are able to get your auto body fixed, maybe by somebody like Auto Body By Duie LLC, and get your car back on the road.  Check Out Your Insurance Policy To See If You Want To File A Claim After a wreck, you will need to first check with your insurance policy to see if it makes more sense to handle the repair completely out of pocket or with your policy. Your insurance company will refer you to a few possible auto body repair shops for estimates. Use these estimates and weigh it against the cost of your deductible. For instance, if you pay a deductible of $1,000 based on your auto insurance policy, and your repair cost $800, it wouldn’t make sense to use your policy. However, if the repairs cost more than your deductible, be sure to get the ball rolling on your claims process as quickly as you can. You aren’t obligated to choose the auto body repair shop that your insurance company referred you to, but it is always a good starting point.  Consider Getting Paintless Repairs When you are strapped for cash, or you just want to save some money, paintless auto body repairs are a great way to go. Your car may be different shades, but most importantly, the dents will be removed and your vehicle will be fixed. You can always reach out to an auto shop to get the vehicle painted at a later time, so consider paintless repairs to save some money in the interim.  Choose The Best Auto Body Repair Shop You Can Find The most critical decision to fix your car after a dent is choosing the right shop. In addition to seeking a Better Business Bureau accredited company, be sure to select a company that gets a lot of business, is highly referred by people that you trust and provides perks such as temporary rental cars. Get a few quotes from shops in your area to make sure you are making the ideal decision.  Use these pieces of advice so that you can get your car fixed after a...

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3 Tips For Preventing Vehicle Scratches From Becoming Rusty

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Even if you are very careful when you drive your car, there is always the chance that the paint job could become scratched due to incidents or various environmental factors. Scratches don’t just look bad, either; they can also become rusty over time if they are ignored. If you take good care of any scratches that appear on your vehicle, however, you can help prevent this rust from developing on your car. 1. Keep it Clean First of all, you should know that if scratched areas become dirty and stay that way, they can be more prone to corrosion. Plus, even things like the acid that can be found in regular rainwater can promote rust on your vehicle scratches. This is why washing your car frequently is important, especially if there are scratches on your paint job. 2. Use Wax for Protection Until you are able to do something about any scratches on your car, you should consider keeping it waxed. A coat of wax works wonders at protecting your paint job all over your vehicle, and it can be even more useful for keeping scratches protected from rust. Plus, when your vehicle has an all-over shine from the wax, the minor scratches might be less noticeable. 3. Have the Scratches Repainted Although keeping the scratches clean and waxed can help for now, this shouldn’t be your long-term plan for dealing with them. Even though this care can prevent rust from occurring right away, you can still expect your scratches to become rusty eventually if you don’t take the right repair steps. This means that you need to have the scratches repainted as soon as possible to truly prevent rust from developing on your vehicle. For now, one option is to use a small tube of touch-up paint, which you can purchase at a body shop or at a store that sells aftermarket auto parts. You can apply it yourself if you want to save money. For a  truly flawless look, however, your better choice is always going to be to take your car to an auto body shop that specializes in painting. Then, the new paint can make your car look as good as new. Vehicle scratches are unsightly and can become even more so if they get rusty. Protecting your vehicle from rust is important, so make sure that you do these things rather than ignoring any scratches that you might have on your vehicle’s paint job. To learn more, contact an auto body repair shop like Westside Fender/Body &...

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Four Benefits Of Using Your Car Insurance Company’s Recommended Repair Shop

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When you have been in a car accident and you file a claim, you basically have three options for receiving repairs on the damage you have endured. You can either make the repairs yourself, get the repairs done from an auto body shop you think is best, or you can use your car insurance company’s preferred auto body repair shop. There are pros and cons to all three options. Knowing what these pros and cons are can help you determine which option is best for you in the end. Here are the four benefits to using your car insurance company’s preferred shop: Free Car Space: When you take your vehicle into an auto body repair shop, they usually include storage fees for the space that your car takes up in their shop in the total cost that you will be paying in the end. However, with your insurance company’s preferred shop, these fees are usually taken off and you are then receiving free car space. This can make the total cost of your repairs more affordable.  Free Towing: Another benefit of using your insurance company’s preferred shop is that if you were in an accident and you weren’t able to drive your vehicle anywhere, your insurance company will usually provide free towing so long as you take the vehicle to their preferred shop. Towing can be a big expense after an accident, so this is a great way to avoid that cost. Discounts on Labor and Auto Parts: Insurance companies often receive discounts on labor and auto parts, which helps them to pay out less on claims. This is helpful for you because it can mean that you avoid paying out of pocket for repairs or pay much less out of pocket than you otherwise expected.  Warranties: Most of the time, the insurance company’s preferred auto body repair shop will offer lifetime warranties on craftsmanship. This means that if they covered up any dents or scratches with new paint and that paint chips, they will repair it again free of charge. They will also replace any parts on the exterior of the car that may have fallen off or become damaged after they originally installed it after your accident.  Knowing some of these benefits can help you to better understand why it may be in your best interest to use the preferred auto body repair shop. Many people feel they would save more if they sought out their own repair shop, but this typically isn’t the case. For more information about repairing your car after an accident, contact a company like Lacey Collision...

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